How Many Golf Balls Fit in a 747?

The Boeing 777 has 82,350 golf balls, but does it fit in the same space? Approximately 225 golf balls per seat is a reasonable estimate. A 747 has 3110,436 cubic inches. So, if a single 747 can fit 82,350 balls, how many golf balls can be comfortably fitted in a Boeing 777? We’ll take a closer look below.

225 golf balls per seat

Approximately 225 golf balls per seat are allowed on flights in business class. A Boeing 747 can hold over 500,000 golf balls. But what if we wanted to fly 660,000 golf balls instead? That would be $6 million. So if each seat on a 747 can hold only 225 balls, why is it crowded in business class? How can we fit as many golf balls into our seats?

Using this math, 225 golf balls would fit under each seat. However, if each ball was the same size, the plane would hold 1036 million. This would equate to nearly 660,000 balls. So, if each seat on the 747 could fit 225 balls, it would be filled to the last inch. But it would be difficult to fit all of those balls, even if you could squeeze in six million.

366,000 golf balls

Did you know that you can fit over ten million golf balls in a Boeing 747? According to some estimates, a 747’s cargo hold can carry about ten million golf balls, or approximately 1.6 million spheres. While no two spheres will fit exactly together, a single golf ball covers about ten cubic inches, or about 366,000 square inches. The TSA has the power to approve or deny items as they pass through a security checkpoint.

The number of golf balls required would be the circumference of the earth x three inches, or about one billion. However, if we take three inches per ball, then the Boeing 747 could hold as many as 10,368,000 balls. It was the Boeing 747 that was the airline’s first jetliner. While golf balls are allowed on board, putters and golf clubs must be checked with the airline.

Assuming the number of golf balls is three hundred thousand, the amount of space inside a 747 is approximately one million cubic feet. That is the equivalent of a 16×16-foot room filled with golf balls. And the number of golf balls in a suitcase is about 1,548, while a 747 can hold over two million. If you throw the balls in the trash, they would fill a 16×16-foot room, which is about two million cubic feet.

In addition to the size of a 747, there is also a huge amount of space inside a school bus. A school bus holds a lot of stuff, including trash and chairs. That would mean that 660,000 golf balls could fit inside. But a school bus holds seats, crap, and kids, so it is not exactly an efficient space for golf balls. So, while there is not much room to move around, 500,000 golf balls can still fit.

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