how to dye a disc golf disc

If you’re not sure how to dye a disc golf disc, keep reading! Here are some tips to make your discs look great! First, you need a good dye. There are several brands to choose from, including Floetrol, iDye Poly, ProChem, and worm dye. Read on for more information on the different types of dye available. Then, follow the instructions below to dye your discs and enjoy the look of your new golf disc!


If you are wondering how to dye disc golf balls, you can find a simple way in this article. You can use a simple plastic cup and mix the dye and Floetrol together. You can also buy a squirt bottle, which is ideal for making more precise designs. Next, you’ll need a dye dish. It should be circular and a bit larger than the disc you want to dye. You can also use a Teflon coated frying pan.

Ensure that your disc is clean. Use a sponge or water to clean away any excess dye. When dyeing discs, remember not to use brown, since it is difficult to see on the ground and doesn’t go well with most other colors. For best results, mix two oz. of Floetrol with one-fourth of a teaspoon of powder. Otherwise, you may end up with discs that are brown and sandpaper-like instead of colored.

If you’re new to dyeing discs, start with a white disc. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can start with more challenging colors. The process is easy if you follow the instructions. TDIDI offers multiple background techniques. Simply choose a technique and click the image to go to the Disc Dye Classroom. You’ll learn all you need to know in one workshop and end up with a disc with the color of your choice!

The next step in this process is to pour the pre-prepared dye into a bed of Floetrol. Make sure the colours overlap to form cells. Pour the first color and then splatter with the second color. Repeat the process until all of the dyes are used. To preserve the original color, you can use plain Floetrol. You’ll need a clean jar.

iDye Poly

The iDye Poly dyes disc for the game of disc golf is an extremely popular option for golfers, but how do you get them on your disc? This tutorial will show you how to apply a color to a disc. The disc is placed on a dyeing plate and pushed down into the mixture. You should allow the entire disc to soak up the dye, otherwise the colors will not be as vibrant. You should also keep the remaining dye in a container to use later.

iDye Poly dyes discs are the most common type of disc golf disc dyes. Most of them are made of synthetic materials and are suitable for discs that will be used in competitions. If you’re looking to dye your disc yourself, you’ll need to choose a synthetic dye. While many disc dyes are designed to be washable, they won’t hold dye as well as synthetic.

Jeff Ash, the founder of iDye, became interested in disc golf as a hobby. After seeing some of the early work of Joel Kelly and J-Bird, Ash took the plunge. He experimented with different methods and finally came up with the perfect disc dye. Jeff Ash hopes to make disc golfing fun again and will share his knowledge with other disc enthusiasts. This article explores his process and iDye Poly dyes disc golf discs.

iDye Poly dyes is the best way to make your disc golf discs stand out among the thousands of discs on the market. This unique process will enhance the color of your disc by giving it a beautiful look. Goo-Gone removes the adhesive residue and strips off the dye type film on the disc. However, it is important to remember that goo-Gone can lead to smears or blurs, so make sure to apply it carefully and wait an hour or so before applying it.


ProChem dyes disc golf disks with high-quality colorants. The colors of the dyes are custom-made to give the discs a unique appearance. The color swatches shown are achieved after a 24 hour lotion testing period. The final color may vary slightly from these swatches because of other techniques and computer settings. The process is simple and quick, and results are often very impressive.

If you’re interested in dyeing disc golf discs, you’ll first need a dye medium. You can purchase this at a home improvement store or on the internet for $7 to $8 per quart. Once you’ve purchased the medium, mix the dye with a bit of Floetrol. Floetrol is lighter than water, so it’s important to mix the two correctly. Floetrol will swell up and create bubbles, so you’ll need to use a small amount of it to get a color.

A deluxe Disc Golf Dyeing Kit contains 6 x 29-gram jars of Disperse Dye. These jars contain dye color chips from real fabric, which can be added to the disc to create different shades of the same color. The color may vary depending on the dyeing process. Using dye color chips that match the actual fabric will not give you the same result. When ordering the dye kit, be sure to order a sample kit and follow the instructions carefully to ensure the disc is dyed correctly.

Brandon has the skills to create the most vibrant colors on discs. His specialties include pouring Floetrol and gluing discs to a waxy surface. The friendly personality of Brandon makes him a perfect dye academy instructor. If you’d like to learn more about the dyes, check out his Instagram and Bub’s Brews Facebook pages. You’ll want to check out all of his latest designs.

CS coating worm dye

Using a CS coating worm dye on your disc golf disc is a good way to add color to your game. Worm dye is a very common disc golf disc color and comes in many varieties. Some common worm dyes are black, blue, and red. If you’d like to experiment, you can dye your discs yourself with a cheap can of shaving cream. Alternatively, you can purchase dye powder from a hobby or crafts store. Lastly, remember that dyeing is best done on hard plastics, because softer ones won’t hold the color.

While many worm dyes are available commercially, homemade versions are more affordable and can be made with some elbow grease. You can make your own worm dye at home by sifting chunks from Rit powder and mixing them with acetone. Just make sure to use a small amount of acetone to prevent residue on your disc. You don’t want to use too much powder, since too much powder will leave a residue.

When it comes to dyeing discs, Jeff Ash is the man behind the TDIDI brand. He is a skilled dyer from Estonia who showcases his skills on social media. His creations include hyperrealism spin dyes, hand-dyed discs, and other funky patterns. For a truly unique look, you can visit his website or follow him on Instagram. There are many other disc dyers on Instagram and their discs are getting more popular.

Mixing the worm dye powder with the lotion base is the most basic way to create a custom-made worm dye. Just mix about twenty to fifty ML of lotion with 1/4 TSP of dye powder and stir until there is no powder left after the mixing. After mixing the two, use a paper towel to remove any excess dye powder. The result will depend on the type of plastic and the color of the disc.


If you want to dye your disc golf disc, the process is relatively simple. To begin, you need dye medium (you can purchase this at your local home improvement store or online). The main ingredients are dye and Floetrol. A quart of dye costs about $7 or $8. If you’re a beginner, you may want to dye a white disc. Floetrol is a lighter substance than dye, and it will cause bubbles to form on the surface of the disc.

After you prepare the dye solution, you need to wash the disc. Scrub it with a sponge and soapy water, and make sure to rinse the disc completely. When dyeing a disc, new discs may have mold-release agents from the factory. Dirt will prevent the dye from fully absorbing the color, so it’s essential to make sure they’re as clean as possible before you begin the dyeing process.

The next step is to make sure you’ve got the right amount of Floetrol to dye the disc. You can use a plastic cup to mix the dye, but a squirt bottle will work best. You’ll also need a dye dish. It should be circular and large enough to hold the disc. A Teflon-coated frying pan may work well too.

Before you start dyeing your disc, you should select the right plastic. Premium plastics will hold dye well, but they’re not as vibrant as cheaper ones. Also, use a soft sponge for cleaning the disc. You can also use Mister Clean Magic Erasers for this purpose. Make sure to have measuring tools with you to mix the dye properly. This will help you achieve the best possible outcome.

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