How to Get a Golf Handicapping Without Joining a Club

how to get a golf handicap without joining a club

Many golfers have a club handicap. However, you can also get a handicap without joining a club. This method is not only easy, but also inexpensive. The handicapping system will change in 2020 when the USGA implements the World Handicap System. It sounds like it will make handicapping easier and more accurate. In the meantime, here are some things to know about handicapping:

Online clubs

If you’re not a member of a club, don’t worry. There are many ways to get your official golf handicap without joining a club. The easiest way is to join an online golf club, which can give you a USGA-accredited handicap. Most of these golf clubs don’t have a physical structure, so you can join any one of the top-listed online clubs.

A typical online golf club has a membership requirement of living within 50 miles of a course. This is great for people who don’t live near a golf course, but still want to play. The cost of membership for online golf clubs is relatively cheap – $25 per year. The benefits of being a member of an online golf club are the same as those of a private club. If you can’t afford the monthly fees, you can also get a handicap for free without joining a club.

To get a golf handicap without joining an online golf club, you need to submit 54 adjusted gross scores for each hole played. You can choose a combination of nine and 18-hole rounds, or you can take part in social games. The home club will then use your best three scores and assign you a handicap based on these. These online courses are free and easy to use and offer great discounts on golf clubs.

The USGA has rules governing the process of getting a golf handicap, and these clubs are usually located on golf courses. If you can’t find an official USGA club, search online for local golf clubs and use the form provided to search by state and city. You can also contact an international association of golf courses and ask for a handicapping service. When you find a USGA-accredited club, you’ll know which course is the right fit for you.

Another method of getting a golf handicap without joining an online club is to use the GHIN golf handicap network. GHIN is a USGA-owned handicap index and is the most popular. Courses may require you to submit your GHIN number when searching for you through GHIN. While you can search for golfers from other networks using the same handicap index, clubs that have signed up with GHIN will be able to pull your handicap index more quickly.


The USGA has done everything possible to ensure that the handicap system is fair and consistent, but sandbaggers can still beat it with bad data. The USGA has a number of rules in place to ensure that exceptional rounds are penalized with a higher handicap. For a long time, a player with a high handicap will naturally play better than their handicap, but as a result their success will taper off as they become a better golfer.

The term “sandbagger” sounds cute, but it’s actually a catchy word for a sinful practice. Anyone who intentionally establishes a high handicap is a cheater, just like the golfers who foot-wedge or mismark their ball on the green. You’re essentially sandbagging yourself by posing as someone else in order to have an outrageously high handicap.

Sandbaggers often advertise their bad rounds before big tournaments. They know that virtually everyone does it. The key is to find a way to get yourself noticed and make a good impression. In addition, sandbaggers are often excluded from social events and golf matches. So, they should start calling themselves sandbaggers. You can even start advertising your bad rounds on the Internet.

Another option is to get yourself a Cap Patrol. A member of the Cap Patrol will watch the scores and flag suspicious golfers. They will then provide the information to the tournament committee or club pro. This new method has been embraced by 150 clubs, including the U.S. Open. The U.S. Open is a good example of how a Cap Patrol can help people who want to improve their scores.

World Handicap System

One of the best ways to learn about golf handicapping without joining a club is through the World Handicap System (WHS). The WHS makes learning about golf handicapping easier than ever and has several features, including digestible videos and printable PDF documents. For example, the World Handicap Index can be used to see how difficult a particular golf course is for a scratch player. To use the WHS, you must become certified by taking a seminar and passing a test demonstrating your knowledge of the World Handicap System.

This new system will be implemented in 2020 and will unify golf handicapping practices around the world. Its primary goal is to level the playing field for golfers of different abilities. It’s easy to implement and understand, and it is flexible enough to accommodate different golf cultures. Those interested in golf handicapping without joining a club should consider downloading the WHS. You’ll be glad you did.

Another feature of the WHS is its ability to calculate handicaps on different courses in different countries. You can calculate your handicap using your best eight recent scores. The WHS automatically updates the system as new scores are entered. This means you’ll have the most accurate information available for your golf handicap, regardless of where you play. WHS also provides you with the Course Rating (CR) and Bogey Rating (BR) of different courses. Both these factors are used to calculate the difficulty of a golf course for a scratch golfer.

The World Handicap System is an online network that brings together six golf handicapping bodies. The system helps golfers of different skill levels to compete on an equal footing. Unlike a traditional handicap, WHS is more accurate and portable. You can also use it for tournaments, if you’re not a member of a golf club. You can access GHIN using your smartphone.

There are two main ways to get official golf handicaps. The first is to join a club. This will save you money. The other option is to join a golf association. Most golf associations will provide you with official handicapping, but not all of them are authorized by the R&A or USGA. You can look for a specific club using the search function of a golf association’s website.


If you’re not a member of a golf club, you can still get an official golf handicap from England Golf’s new digital community. iGolf is free to use, and it will give non-club golfers in England the opportunity to track their performance and interact with other players. In addition to giving you an official handicap, iGolf also offers personal liability insurance and other benefits.

To obtain a golf handicap, you will need to play 54 rounds of golf in order to achieve the WHS. You can divide these rounds into nine-hole and 18-hole rounds, or a mixture of the two. The rounds must be marked by another player and a referee to make sure all players are following the rules. Once you have accumulated the required rounds, you will be able to join a golf club or get an official handicap.

The process is easy to use. You can choose which courses you want to join and post your scores on the web. You’ll be asked to provide your golf club membership number, and this information will be stored in your profile. You’ll also need to submit the score from a valid course. Almost all courses are rated, and you can find the nearest course to you with a search engine.

If you don’t want to join a club to access the iGolf online system, you can cancel your subscription at any time during your free trial. To cancel, go to You’ll then receive an email letting you know the cancellation terms. You’ll then be notified when your free trial ends, and can cancel anytime.

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