How to Make 36 Volt Golf Cart Faster

how to make 36 volt golf cart faster

Increasing the speed of your golf cart may be a simple task if your battery is not too weak. The speed controller is responsible for regulating the electric output from the motor. Higher voltage equals more RPM. However, to increase the speed of your golf cart, you must change the voltage and amperage of your golf cart first. You can also replace the field coil, which increases the strength of the electromagnetic field and thus increase the motor torque.

Series motor upgrade

There are two types of 36 volt series cart motors. These are the gray GE brand thin can motor and the black AMD brand thick can motor. The gray model must be used with stock components and tire height. The black model may be used with upgraded components. It should have a larger tire diameter for more torque. After installing the new motor, you should power-wash the cart. To upgrade the battery, you need to remove the crank from the ignition pedal.

The field coil in the motor is very important. The larger the coil, the higher the magnetic power and torque of the motor. The size of the field coil is usually indicated in splines on the battery. A 36 volt golf cart can benefit from a motor that produces a higher torque. However, you need to replace worn parts if you want to make the cart faster. You can also replace the tires with larger ones. This will increase the top speed and reduce fuel consumption.

Adding a series motor to your cart will give it more torque. Torque is the amount of pulling power that a motor has. A higher torque means the cart will be able to pull heavier loads and accelerate at a higher speed with the same engine rate. Torque and voltage are directly related to each other, but a higher torque will boost top speed. However, a torque motor will give you a more pronounced acceleration.

Installing a speed magnet on a golf cart will increase its top speed by up to 21mph. These upgrades can be installed on 48V Precedent IQ or Club Car DS golf carts. They can be easily installed and will only require five to ten minutes of work. The speed sensor magnet will also improve the cart’s torque, but without sacrificing top speed. Installing a speed magnet will not require any adjustments to the controller, and the installation should take about five to ten minutes.

In addition to improving torque, new batteries are another great way to boost your golf cart’s speed. These upgrades can cost hundreds of dollars, but the extra speed is well worth it! You can upgrade your battery to achieve the highest torque and pulling power. There are a few different types of batteries available, so shop around to find the best one for your cart. The voltage and amperage of a battery are related and should be checked carefully before making a final decision.

48-volt battery upgrade

The electrical power system is the heart of your golf cart. If you don’t properly maintain your cart, you will have to make some upgrades to the battery pack. Your cart’s speed may be affected by the performance improvements you make here. But don’t fret; there are ways to increase speed without compromising other areas. Here are some tips. You can make your 48-volt golf cart faster with a few modifications.

First, increase the motor’s torque. The more torque your motor produces, the faster your cart will go. This will increase your top speed by about five to ten miles per hour. However, it is important to note that higher amperage doesn’t increase top speed. You can increase the torque by increasing the motor’s RPMs. You can also increase its top speed by switching to a new battery.

Another way to increase speed is to install a higher-speed motor. You can find a high-speed motor for 48V carts or install a new one. Make sure to use a higher-power motor controller. After installing the motor, install the battery pack. After you’ve added battery pack, you can now install the high-speed motor. You should also make sure to install a speed controller with higher amp output.

The next thing you can do to improve the speed of your golf cart is to increase its battery voltage. It’s easy to upgrade your golf cart’s batteries to 48-volts. Just make sure you check the voltage label on the battery. If it’s showing less than half the voltage, you need to buy a new one. Your golf cart will be faster than ever after this upgrade! It takes no time at all and is easy to do.

When it comes to power, 48-volt golf carts are faster than 36-volt golf carts. This is because 48-volt golf carts have a lot more torque than the 36-volt variety. As such, they can drive over uneven terrain much easier than the 36-volt variety. The added torque and power will also allow you to travel longer distances. It may be tempting to make your 36-volt golf cart faster, but the 48-volt version will still keep up with it.

Changing the speed controller

Changing the speed controller on a 36-volt golf cart can dramatically increase its acceleration. If you have a cart that runs at around 19.5 mph, you can reprogram the speed controller to increase its torque. Current is proportional to torque, so increasing the current will increase pulling power. A 400-amp controller will double stall torque. Another way to increase your cart’s speed is to expand the tires. This will increase their diameter and give them a slight speed boost. Make sure you maintain proper tire pressure for your cart and never exceed manufacturer’s recommendations.

A higher voltage battery will increase the speed of your cart and allow you to travel faster. You can also increase its revs, which is equivalent to a higher torque. However, you will need to change the speed controller as well. A new motor will also increase its speed, but it will have less torque. To achieve this result, you need to replace the motor and the field coil.

A 48-volt golf cart can be modified to make it faster by installing a more powerful motor. If the manufacturer of the cart says that you can retrofit a bigger electric motor, you will need to purchase a new battery and controller. However, changing the controller will void the manufacturer’s warranty. You can also change the speed controller on a 36-volt golf cart to make it faster.

If you’re looking to increase the speed of your golf cart, you can change the gear ratio. A six-to-one gear ratio means that the wheel rotates once for every six revolutions of the input shaft. Changing the gear ratio will give your cart about 12 miles an hour more speed, but it will cost you torque. Therefore, you should carefully consider this option before making any changes.

Changing the voltage on your golf cart is a quick and easy way to boost its speed and power. While most 36-volt carts are designed for around 12 mph, some communities require that golf carts travel at a faster speed than this. If your cart is too slow for neighborhood roads, you can upgrade its batteries to 48-volts. Although it’s a minor change, it will improve your cart’s performance significantly.

Increasing the torque of the motor

When you’re looking for a way to increase the speed of your 36 volt golf cart, you might want to consider boosting the torque of the motor. Torque is a measure of the pulling power the motor can generate. The higher the current, the more torque the motor produces. Increasing the current in your motor will increase its torque, and vice versa. However, you must understand that increased torque will reduce your cart’s top speed.

There are two main types of golf cart motors: speed and torque. Speed motors have smaller magnetic field coils, which make them better for top end speed, while torque motors give you higher top-end torque. This means you can enjoy 25 mph speeds while sacrificing torque, but gaining acceleration. Generally, the best choice for a 36 volt golf cart motor is the speed and torque type.

When increasing the torque of the 36 volt golf cartmotor, it is important to understand how the power wires are connected. In some cases, the power wiring is not up to code, and the controller must be upgraded. If the voltage increases, it may be necessary to change the forward/reverse switch as well. Moreover, the motor may need to be rotated to get the best results.

Increasing the torque of the 36 volt can be a bit expensive, but it’s worth it when you consider the benefits of higher RPM. If you’re not comfortable spending the extra money, you can purchase a controller that allows you to easily adjust the torque and speed of the motor. There are many golf cart controllers on the market, and you can find one that works best with your cart. One of the most popular models is the Curtis brand.

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