How to Make a Golf Cart Go Faster

How to Make a Golf Cart Go Faster

If you want to make your golf cart go faster, you have a few options. You can increase the battery voltage, change the speed controller, and install bigger tires. If all of these options are not available for your golf cart, you can consider changing the transaxle to get the speed you want. This article will go over these options in more detail. By following these steps, you can make your cart go faster than ever.

Increased battery voltage

Increasing battery voltage is one of the most basic preventative maintenance procedures that will increase the speed of your cart. Golf cart batteries are available in three different voltages: six, eight, and twelve volts. The six-volt unit will require eight packs of six-volt batteries. Eight-volt batteries are slightly more powerful than six-volt batteries. When purchasing golf cart batteries, you may want to consider lithium batteries instead of lead-acid ones.

The electrical motors of golf carts operate at 48-volts and draw between 50-70 amps when cruising at 15 mph. This amount increases during acceleration or when going up a hill. These batteries are designed to provide this high current for long periods of time, which makes them an important component of the cart. Golf cart batteries undergo a recharge and discharge cycle every day. You do not want to run a golf cart with a battery that is too high, or you will damage its motor and engine.

In addition to increasing battery voltage, you should also consider upgrading the controller and batteries in your cart. Upgrading your cart’s battery voltage will not only increase speed but will also boost the cart’s overall power. Changing batteries will require some wiring changes, but it’s a quick and easy upgrade that will give you noticeable results in no time at all. If you don’t want to spend much time on this upgrade, consider purchasing a new golf cart instead.

A higher voltage battery can increase the revs per minute of your golf cart. This increases the speed of your cart by about 20mph. You may need to make a change to the speed controller when upgrading your battery. Another option for increasing speed is to increase the drive gear diameter. Increasing the drive gear diameter will increase speed while decreasing torque. The more drive gears your cart has, the faster it will go.

Increased speed controller

If you are using a manual-controlled golf cart, you may want to consider an increased speed controller. However, you will need to make sure that you are using the correct controller for your cart. The first thing to look for is the code sequence. The controller will flash a code if it is receiving an incorrect voltage. To determine what the code sequence means, look in the manual. If the code sequence is correct, the controller is working correctly. If the code sequence is not, a fault has been found and a replacement needs to be ordered.

Another way to increase the speed of your golf cart is to install a higher-powered battery. The increase in speed is not significant if your cart is only going 15 miles per hour. You can gain 10 MPH using the same method. It is best to find out what type of power system your cart uses first. If it is electric, you should use a shunt system, which allows the engine and field circuit to work separately. This will allow you to program in a new speed parameter without replacing any parts.

Alternatively, you can reprogram the speed controller on a newer model. Usually, dealers will do this for free, though some may charge up to $80 for the time. Either way, an increased speed controller will allow you to drive your cart at a higher speed than the original factory-made one. This method is the cheapest and most convenient way to increase the speed of your cart. Just make sure you read the manual carefully and make sure you understand what it means.

Adding bigger tires

Many golf cart owners think that adding larger tires makes their cart faster. This is simply not true. While the additional weight adds speed, the actual increase in speed is minimal and may only be a couple of mph. Bigger tires do have other benefits, such as a smoother ride. This may also be a good idea if you plan on using your cart for long distance travel.

You can add bigger tires to your cart by lifting it higher. This increases the speed, but the added weight can also cause the cart to tip over, making repairs more difficult and expensive. Additionally, if you add weight to the front of the cart, it can result in more complicated repairs or replacement of parts. In addition, adding weight to the front of the cart will put increased pressure on the cart’s motor, which may lead to damage or even failure of the motor.

If you are considering adding bigger tires to your golf cart, remember to check the air pressure. Low-air levels will make your cart work harder. Another factor to consider is the terrain. Bigger tires will increase the maximum speed of a golf cart by two to four mph. However, larger tires will reduce low-end torque, which is a critical feature for fast maneuverability. To increase the speed of a golf cart, you must consider the terrain it will be using and its use.

Changing the gear ratio is another way to increase speed. While lowering the gear ratio can improve top-end speed, it will decrease torque. Changing the gear ratio of your golf cart will improve its torque, but you should keep in mind that you’ll be sacrificing torque. Further, it’s important to consider the terrain that your cart will be traversing before making any changes to its performance.

Changing transaxle

There are many ways to change the transaxle on your golf cart to make it go faster. A higher performance clutch is one way to increase torque. It will engage the motor at higher RPMs and produce more torque. The governor controls the amount of fuel going into the engine to prevent damage to the parts from high revving. This is usually located on the side of the carburetor.

Other ways to increase the speed of your golf cart include adding larger tires. Most standard golf carts have 18″ tires, so changing them to 20″ will give your cart a two or three-mph speed boost. Adding a lift kit to your cart may also help increase speed. You can also clean the tires to improve performance. Changing the transaxle can give your cart a noticeable boost in speed and will make it more maneuverable on the course.

If you wish to increase your golf cart’s speed, you can replace the governor. To do this, you must remove the seat and the plastic covering on the engine. Next, you need to adjust the motor. While you cannot change the speed of a golf cart without a central governor spring, it’s still possible to change its transaxle to make it go faster. You can also adjust the clutch to send more gas to the engine, allowing you to travel faster.

Changing the gear ratio is another way to increase the speed of a golf cart. A lower gear ratio will give you a similar amount of torque, which is not noticeable on flat terrain. However, if you’ve lifted the cart or fitted larger tires, it will be noticeable. You should take this into consideration before making any changes to your cart. In addition to changing the transaxle, you can also change the power plant rpm. Increasing the input shaft rpm will increase the speed of your cart.

Adding higher-speed motor

One way to increase the speed of your golf cart is to increase the motor’s speed. The motor’s top speed is 19 mph, but this will only happen if you upgrade to a higher-speed model. In most cases, you can add larger tires to a cart without adding any other speed upgrades. Increasing the tire size will also increase the top speed of the cart.

Depending on the type of golf cart, a higher-speed motor can give the cart a lot more power. Higher-speed motors are typically able to produce more torque, which is important for faster driving. If you need more torque, you can increase the speed by increasing the voltage of the motor. You can do this for a lower cost by purchasing a new motor.

To increase the torque of your cart, you can add a torque converter. A torque converter will multiply the torque of your motor by a gear ratio. A 3:1 gear ratio will result in fifteen ft-lbs of torque. In addition to installing a higher-speed motor, you can also upgrade the clutch in the golf cart. A torque converter is an important part of increasing the power of your cart.

Adding higher-speed motor to a club golf cart can increase its speed and torque without increasing the number of parts or the weight. However, you must keep in mind that you will be sacrificing torque for more speed. It is important to know how to upgrade your cart’s motor and controller in order to make it faster. Fortunately, there are plenty of high-speed controllers for sale at your local dealership.

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