What Channel Is Golf On Sirius Radio?

If you have a satellite radio, you may be wondering, “What channel is golf on Sirius radio?” There are numerous answers to this question, including a host of talk and educational programs related to the game of all things golf. Additionally, you can listen to live hole-in-hole coverage of PGA Tour events on this satellite radio channel. However, the most important question to ask yourself is, “How can I hear golf on Sirius radio?”


If you enjoy listening to music on the radio, you may have already heard Rich Davis on Sirius. The radio personality has worked in the public broadcasting industry for over two decades. He now serves as the program director of two channels on XM Satellite Radio. One channel, VOX, is devoted to vocal classical music, from Gregorian chant to opera. The other, The Village, is modeled after Songs for Aging Children, a show he co-hosted for nearly fifteen years. The stations also play music by singer-songwriters from across the generations.

The channel also features music by the legendary jazz artist Christian McBride. The seven-time GRAMMY winner and 2022 GRAMMY nominee will host the SiriusXM Jazz channel “The Lowdown With Christian” with a select group of fans. The show will air over the week. In addition, Davis will be joined by his fellow musicians and fans in performing his epic work “The Movement Revisited.”

SiriusXM channel 110 is the home of dynamic discourse from leading voices in the African-American community. This channel features special programming throughout Black History Month and will air a one-day marathon during the final weekend of the month. During the week, listeners will hear highlights of the week’s broadcasts, including Davis on Sirius radio. The program will also highlight some of the most influential people in African-American history.

The Miles Davis Channel will be available in the Jazz/Standards section of the Sirius XM app, and will air on the Real Jazz network from Feb. 14 to 20. The channel will feature the music of the Prince of Darkness, a jazz icon who won eight Grammy Awards and created many classic genres. He also helped popularize several jazz forms that have evolved into today’s music. The jazz icon penned more than 50 albums and produced more than two-hundred classics.

Brian Katrek

For those who have an avid interest in golf, SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio is a channel worth checking out. It features golf-related talk programming, including equipment reviews, education and live hole-in-hole coverage of PGA Tour events. While many people tune in to hear about the latest golfing trends, there are other ways to listen to the sport. For a more detailed breakdown of the channels, read on.

As the title implies, golf radio is fast-paced and fluff-free, placing the focus on the golf shots, leaderboard updates and scores. It is, therefore, essential that golf radio accurately portrays the tournament as it is happening. SiriusXM provides that information every 12 minutes. As such, it is the best option for golf fans. However, you can’t expect the station to cover every shot or every moment.

Besides PGA Tour radio, SiriusXM also carries other shows that will appeal to avid golfers. The PGA TOUR Network channel features live coverage of the PGA TOUR and other events across the nation. Other features include call-in talk shows and equipment reviews. You can listen to a live radio show featuring Brian Katrek, who has hosted four major championships. SiriusXM is also home to “Katrek and Maginne on Tap,” a show featuring popular golf personalities.

For the 2022 PGA Championship, SiriusXM will carry live play-by-play coverage. The tournament will be broadcast on the channel devoted to the PGA Tour. The broadcast team includes Brian Katrek, Mark Carnevale, Fred Albers, John Maginnes, Dennis Paulson, and Andres Gonzales. In addition, the network will also feature interviews with the players and conduct swing reports.

Brad Faxon

If you are looking for a satellite radio channel that covers golf, you might want to try SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio. This channel covers all aspects of golf, from talk to equipment reviews and education. You can also listen to live hole-in-hole coverage of PGA Tour events. If you have a subscription to the service, you can listen to this channel to get a daily dose of golf-related programming.

Golf fans will be pleased to know that SiriusXM will be airing the Farmers Insurance Open from June 16-19. The broadcast will be live, and subscribers across the country can enjoy coverage of this exciting event in high-definition. For more information on SiriusXM’s coverage, check out the complete schedule and listen to live streams of the tournament. You can even subscribe to this channel if you are looking for a specialized channel for golf.

For golf-related talk shows, SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio is a great choice. The channel features golf-related talk programming, as well as equipment reviews, education, and live hole-in-hole coverage of PGA Tour events. If you want to hear golf radio without having to pay a fee, SiriusXM is the way to go. You’ll get the highest-quality golf coverage in the nation with SiriusXM.

SiriusXM’s PGA Championship coverage will feature live play-by-play from Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With a great roster of hosts, SiriusXM offers excellent access to this event throughout the week. In addition to live coverage of the PGA Championship, SiriusXM will also offer daily golf news, analysis, and interviews. All this and more makes SiriusXM the premier channel for golf enthusiasts.

Feherty and Maginnes

Sirius XM has announced it will add new golf shows to its lineup. The PGA Tour’s broadcast agreement with the satellite radio provider will extend to 2024, giving listeners the opportunity to hear live coverage of 38 Tour events. In addition to the live golf coverage, the satellite radio service has added new talk shows to its schedule, including a weekly talk show and long-form conversations.

The two co-hosts of the new show, “Feherty and Maginnes on Siriux Radio,” will combine interviews with commentary on the latest headlines in golf. The show will air on MONDAYS at 7p ET, with a preview show on Dec. 1 at 5 p.m. ET. The show will be available for SiriusXM subscribers starting tomorrow.

SiriusXM will also offer pre and post-round coverage of the Masters. Chantel McCabe will anchor the coverage from 10 am to 2 pm ET each day and feature play-by-play of featured groups on the course. Inside-the-ropes reporters Fred Albers and Carl Paulson will also be featured on the show. Swing coach Jim McLean will also be a regular guest host of Masters Radio.

Greg Norman

You can listen to the new podcast “Attack Life with Greg Norman” by World Golf Hall of Fame member Greg Norman on Sirius Radio. In addition to discussing golf and other topics, this podcast will explore Norman’s personal life, entrepreneurial ventures, and philanthropic efforts. Listeners can learn from these stories and more in “Attack Life with Greg Norman.”

As a golfer, Norman knows that to be successful, you need everything firing at the same time. You need a cool body, no white noise, and a solid game. Although you don’t have to be perfect, you do need to be in the right place, with all the ingredients coming together. Whether it’s a championship game or an average day at the office, Norman Dawson can make it happen.

One of the most successful athletes to transition into a business career is Greg Norman. He has founded more than a dozen businesses around the world, including a golf course design company, apparel line, wine label, and even a wakeboard park. His iconic “Shark” logo, a reversal of the classic logo of “Shark” golf, was created by Reebok. During that time, he managed to defend his No. 1 spot in the world golf rankings for 331 weeks – the second-longest period in history.

With exclusive coverage of the 2020 Open Championship, SiriusXM is the only golf network to be able to offer this event live. Listeners can tune in from 8am ET on Friday and noon on Saturday. The broadcast will feature two-time Open Champions, Greg Norman and Maureen Madill, and 28 hours of live play-by-play coverage. The show will also feature expert commentary from Carl Paulson, Mark Carnevale, and John Maginnes.

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