What is Early Extension in Golf?

what is early extension in golf

You might be wondering, what is early extension in golf? If so, you should read this article. Here we will discuss the symptoms, causes, and treatment of early extension. Also learn how to avoid early extension in the future. You might be tempted to hit an early extension shot, but the consequences can be far worse. In fact, early extension can even lead to a toe shot. This isn’t always a bad thing.

Disadvantages of early extension in golf

The most obvious disadvantage of early extension in golf is that it can cause mishits. This is a problem that can occur on both the back and front of the golf course. It can also lead to missed shots, including the wild slice, hook, and blocked push shot. This is because players who start the downswing too early cannot manipulate the clubface through impact, which can lead to topped shots and thin strikes. Fortunately, early extension can be corrected with proper movement and posture.

Another common golf swing fault that causes early extension is the inability to rotate into the lead and trail hips. As a result, the golfer is less likely to reach the ball with proper rotation. To address this, a golfer must learn to extend through the hitting zone. Aside from adding speed, early extension can also lead to toe shots and shanks. A golf swing with good early extension will not prevent a player from playing a decent round, but a golfer who does not do it effectively will struggle to achieve a professional score.

To fix early extension in golf, the golfer must learn new movement patterns and correct their physical limitations. This is possible by using a band on the golf swing. One way to get the band is to attach the phone to the golf bag. This is an inexpensive and convenient way to measure your golf swing. If you have a tripod, you can also use a band. By using a band to resist early extension, Dr. Trenton Civello teaches students to move into a more upright position.

While early extension can cause shanks, it is often a sign of a more serious problem. During the downswing, your pelvis and spine will extend too far and kick towards the golf ball. Early extension may also cause you to lift your upper body and miss hip rotation. In addition to poor posture, early extension can lead to lower back pain and injury. You must correct the root cause to avoid the potential pitfalls of early extension in golf.


The common culprit for the two-way miss in golf is early extension. A golfer who has both a slice and a hook is in trouble! Early extension is a common swing inhibitor, defined by Rapsodo advisor Dave Phillips and Dr. Greg Rose. Here are some causes and cures for early extension. 1. It can lead to ‘flying elbow’ on the backswing

Early extension in golf is usually a result of a problem with upper or lower body alignment. It can be corrected by addressing posture, improving flexibility, and performing drills. Early extension can cause the arms to become stuck behind the body during impact. The correct way to correct this problem is to rotate first and extend second. When you start to rotate early, you put your body at risk of a shank, a toe shot, and an over-extended arm.

If you’re experiencing early extension, try performing a few simple stretching exercises to strengthen your core muscles. Using your core muscles and hips to get stronger will help you avoid early extension. If you don’t have time for workouts, try swinging with your pelvis pressed against a chair or next to a pool. Early extension usually leads to a missed shot. A proper golf swing should have less thrust towards the ball, more open hips, and less outlet.

An early extension in golf is a problem that affects 90% of amateur golfers. Fortunately, the problem can be remedied with a simple exercise routine and a proper balance. Early extension is an undesirable motion, but it’s a normal reaction to a situation that your body is trying to avoid by trying to avoid it. Early extension causes an uneven swing. In fact, it’s so common that nearly 90% of golfers suffer from it.

While early extension is a common cause of poor golf swings, there are solutions. Properly addressing the ball with the proper posture and training the trail arm will eliminate early extension in golf. Using the Hudl Technique is a great way to help yourself diagnose your downswing. You can also try watching a video in slow motion and drawing a line from your butt to the ground. When the hips stay connected to the line, the pelvic remains stable and the arms are able to contact the ball more easily.


Many golfers experience the early extension symptoms during their downswing. This occurs because the hips and pelvis kick out in the early part of the swing. This results in the arms rising up to the ball, rather than staying behind the body. Although early extension is a common golf swing problem, it may also be indicative of musculoskeletal issues. To fix early extension, you must correct the underlying cause of the problem.

While the cause of this problem is not clear, it is believed to be an integral part of poor posture. In golf, early extension is characterized by changes in set-up angles that occur early in the downswing. The hips are the first part of the body to move into extension, and this happens too early. The hips play a vital role in preventing injury and hindering balance, which can lead to lower back complaints.

Identifying early extension is easy. To spot early extension in golf, look at a swing video and look for daylight between the line and hips. The golfer’s lower body shifts excessively toward the ball, resulting in early extension. You can also perform some simple strength training to correct the problem. However, you need to know what causes early extension so you can avoid it in the future. In this article, we’ll look at some of the causes of early extension in golf and provide some solutions for fixing it.

The major physical cause of early extension is poor internal rotation of the lead hip. The pelvis must be able to rotate without forward movement towards the ball. If the pelvis is locked due to tight muscles, the hip will move forward and laterally, which will result in early extension. Once you identify the underlying cause of early extension, you can fix it. There are many ways to cure early extension in golf. If you want to improve your game, make an effort to improve your posture, and you’ll soon be playing golf again.

To correct early extension, you need to improve the posture and mobility of your shoulders. If you don’t fix your posture, you’ll miss the ball. This will result in missing shots on both sides of the golf course, including greens. If you’re a frequent early extension golfer, try increasing your mobility and improving your posture. The key to a good swing is timing. Most Tour players squat down and lower their head as the top of the backswing transition begins. Then they extend through impact after their hips are clear.


Many golfers complain that their arms get trapped during the downswing. This occurs because their lower body enters the space where their arms should move to release the club, and the arms try desperately to deliver the club to the ball. Because of this, the result is usually a block or a hook. Early Extension is also a major cause of shanking shots. The good news is that early extension is curable! Here are some tips to correct the problem.

One way to correct early extension is to improve your posture. The first thing to do is to identify the cause of your early extension. Many golfers experience this problem by looking at their swing videos. If you are one of them, you may notice that your spine is tilted forward. If you are experiencing early extension, try changing the position of your body during the downswing. You can also improve your flexibility and fitness to correct the problem.

Early extension causes poor mobility, which can result in a shank. This is because the pelvic area is forced toward the ball and the club comes down outside of the swing plane. It also causes the hosel to come into contact with the ball first. The solution to early extension is to make your hips wider and deeper at impact. The correct technique will make your hips more open. It will also result in a lower backswing, so your posture will be improved.

Another tip for correcting early extension is to use a swim noodle drill. This drill involves using a swim noodle and a shaft to teach the proper swing plane. This drill helps golfers to reduce early extension during their downswings and hit solid approach shots. If you’re one of these golfers, you should try the drill below. It will definitely improve your golf swing! You won’t regret it!

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