Where Do Golf Clubs Go in a Golf Bag?

where do golf clubs go in bag

First, decide what your clubs should go in which compartment. The long clubs, usually your driver and fairway woods, should be in the back-left compartment. The back-right compartment should be reserved for the most lofted fairway wood. Then, in descending order, the remaining clubs should be placed to the right and left of the driver. Then, you should put the putter and wedges to the right of the driver.

Less-accessible pockets for most frequently-used items

Aside from the main compartments, golf bags often include side pockets. They can be useful for storing odd bits and pieces that you need to carry with you. Most frequently-used items should be stored in the top and front most accessible pockets. For other items, use the less-accessible side pockets for things like a rule book, spare gloves, first aid kit, or other miscellaneous items. Some courses don’t allow cell phones so you may want to consider leaving them at home.

When choosing a golf bag, be sure to consider where each item will be placed. If you use the golf clubs or other frequently-used accessories most often, put them in the front or the top pocket of your bag. Keep smaller items in the less-accessible pockets. The main compartment should be reserved for larger items, like a scorecard or a golf ball. Similarly, smaller items should be kept in the back or on the side of a larger pocket.

Water bottle holders are another essential item that should be easy to access. Many golf bags offer two water bottle holders that remain upright. In addition, the PING Hoofer and the Hoofer 14 both offer a convenient water bottle holder. The Vessel Player III DXR features two water bottle holders that expand when in use. Those are just a few examples of the types of pockets found in a golf bag.

Larger woods and drivers in the bottom or middle slot

Woods and drivers are the longest clubs in the golf bag, so they should be placed in the back section. Typically, the driver will be at the back left corner, followed by the 3 or 5 wood. It is also a good idea to keep a standard-sized ball retriever nearby. The putter well should be positioned in the front right corner. Then, add two to three wedges and two mid-length clubs.

When placing a driver or larger wood in the bottom or middle slot of the golf bag, remember that removing the clubs will be more difficult. Place larger woods in the top slot instead. This will make it easier to store and transport them. Moreover, you’ll have a better chance of hitting a more accurate shot. If you’re not sure which slot is right for which club, consult a golf club fitting guide.

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