Who Makes Snake Eyes Golf Clubs?

who makes snake eyes golf clubs

Who makes snake eyes golf clubs? Snake Eyes Golf Clubs, Inc. designs and distributes tour-quality golf clubs. In addition to golf clubs, the company offers a full line of apparel and golf accessories. Interested in learning more about these companies? Continue reading this article to learn more about the company, including their line of tour-quality golf apparel. This company has been in business since 1983 and has earned its reputation for being an innovator in golf equipment.


The company acquired the Snake Eyes brand of golf clubs in 1998. Founded in 1967, the company started training club makers and later became the world’s largest golf retailer. In 1973, Carl and Frank Paul opened a 6,000 square-foot showroom in Austin, TX. They also started an accessory catalog called The Golfsmith Store, which now has more than 20,000 square-foot shipping facilities. The company later moved into a 40-acre campus in 1992, where they built a 30,000-square-foot superstore and a practice facility.

The company also launched a line of adjustable-weighted snake eyes golf clubs, with head sizes ranging from 420cc to 460cc. The company also introduced a live chat support system for its online customers. The customer service department at Golfsmith ranked number one in a recent study. The company’s snake eyes golf clubs also offer a variety of other features, such as adjustable weights and adjustable head shapes.

After purchasing six Don Sherwood Golf and Tennis stores in 2003, the company was able to diversify its product line. It opened over 55 stores nationwide and began direct-to-consumer marketing. The company also offered restringing services for tennis racquets. In August 2014, Golfsmith closed its tennis related stores and converted into a “sports goods” brand. Golfsmith’s brand name has now been acquired by Hilco Liquidation.

In addition to its snake eyes golf clubs, Golfsmith also manufactures other types of custom-made golf clubs. The company also sells apparel and accessories made by external manufacturers. The company also has a wide range of golf accessories, including practice gear. A great way to improve your game is to practice with the right tools. The following list of companies offers high-quality snake eyes golf clubs. So, what are you waiting for?

Since Golfsmith owns the Snake Eyes brand, Ping is one of the most popular and well-known brands of golf clubs. The company also makes the Lynx and MacGregor Golf brands, which were used by Payne Stewart and Jack Nicklaus, respectively. The company’s clubs are designed by Jeff Sheets, a veteran club designer who has been with the company since 2002. Several of his other designs have gained widespread acclaim, including a line of irons for Wilson.

The original Snake Eyes 600T had a 380cc head. A new version, called DAT600C, was developed by Japanese metal specialists Daido Steel. This new alloy was made from a blend of titanium and other metals, and was subsequently ramped up to 600deg Celsius. The result was a lower spin rate and a higher trajectory. Despite the new features, Snake Eyes remain a popular driver despite their small size. The latest version has a carbon crown and a gold PVD coating.


The Snake Eyes line of golf clubs features industry leading iron sets and high-end forged wedges. These irons are ideal for mid to high handicappers who want a traditional profile but still want a soft feel. The Snake Eyes Irons are precision-forged from 1030 carbon steel and feature an 8-gram weight increment between lofts. They also feature a True Temper Black Gold shaft.

In addition to golf clubs, Snake Eyes also makes a line of apparel and accessories. These products offer quality equipment at affordable prices. While some counterfeit brands of golf equipment may be marketed as being superior, they are not as high-quality as legitimate brands. Snake Eyes golf clubs are designed and manufactured by Golf-Tec. Golf-Tec is headquartered in Idaho and owns a majority stake in the company.

Unlike most golf irons, Snake Eyes are extremely forgiving. Golfers with high handicaps will find that these golf clubs are easy to hit straight. The low center of gravity of these clubs makes it easier to get the ball airborne without working it. Because of their low center of gravity, the Python XL is ideal for high handicappers who wish to improve their game. They also have great forgiveness and are ideal for high handicappers.

Snake Eyes golf clubs were first manufactured in the 1960s by a company called Golf-Technology Holding, Inc. (GTHI). Later, Golfsmith acquired Snake Eyes, renaming them Snake Eyes Golf Clubs. Ping is considered one of the leading brands in golf, and is one of only a handful of family-owned companies to do so. The company also produces high-end apparel and golf accessories.

The first Snake Eyes model was 380cc. The company subsequently developed a higher-tech version with a 460cc head and carbon crown. It was based on a Japanese beta-titanium alloy called DAT600C, and ramped up the heat treatment process to 600deg C. This improved the club’s feel and sound, and it continues to be one of the most popular drivers.

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