How Long Is a Four Seat Golf Cart?

how long is a 4 seat golf cart

When it comes to golf cart length, you may be wondering how long a 4 seater is. There are four basic sizes that you can choose from: eight feet, 5.5 feet, and four feet. This article will tell you what these various lengths mean for golf carts. In the end, the answer to the question of how long is a four seater will be determined by your personal preferences and needs.

8 feet

The dimensions of an eight feet long golf cart are quite large, and your pickup truck’s bed may not be able to accommodate one. It is a good idea to rent a trailer to transport your golf cart. Utility trailers are available to rent from companies such as U-Haul, but an SUV with a trailer hitch is a better choice. The trailer should be capable of carrying a maximum of 1000 pounds.

Depending on the make and model, an 8-foot-long golf cart might be 5.5 feet tall and 4 feet wide. A six-seat LSV is typically eleven feet long and five feet wide. Lifted models may be 6.7 feet tall and eight feet long. Golf carts vary in their height, and this will be taken into consideration when purchasing a cart. Generally, these vehicles are suitable for short trips, but if you plan to use it frequently, be sure to measure its height.

5.5 feet

A golf cart pool float inflates in two minutes and is 5.5 feet long. You can purchase one from Funboy for $129, and 20% of the profits go to a charity that supports food banks during the COVID-19 crisis. Orders over $149 ship free, and less than that cost $6. You can choose from dozens of designs and styles of floats to suit your needs and your budget.

In addition to the number of seats, it is important to consider the truck bed size when determining the length of your golf cart. An average four seat golf cart is 5.5 feet tall and 8 feet long. Its wheel base is 123.4 inches, and it is four feet wide and four feet tall. Its bed must have a minimum space of 5.5 feet. Buying a four seat golf cart with more than four passengers may need more room than a six-foot-long truck.

4 feet

If you’re planning on transporting a golf cart, you will need a vehicle with a flatbed. The standard truck bed is approximately four feet wide, with three to four feet of space between the wheel wells. Golf carts, however, are much larger, measuring four feet wide by eight feet long and six feet high. For easy transportation, you can use a pickup truck with a flatbed, but you’ll need to take some extra precautions, since your cart will need to be backed into the bed of your vehicle.

The width of a golf cart is measured from left to right across the widest part. Including side mirrors and accessories, the width is narrower in the front than the back. A four-passenger golf cart is typically four feet wide, while a six-passenger cart is approximately five feet wide. Obviously, the exact dimensions depend on the make and model of your cart, and how many seats are inside.

2 feet

Purchasing a golf cart requires some knowledge about the dimensions. If you want to transport it to a nearby golf course, you need to take measurements of the vehicle bed. A 4 seat golf cart requires about 2 feet of extra space between its tires, and an 8-foot bed is too small. So, you can rent a trailer that fits in your vehicle bed. It can cost anywhere from $20 to $30 a day.

A typical four-seat golf cart is approximately five feet tall and eight feet long. A larger vehicle may have more cargo space. A six-seat LSV is typically 11 feet long, four feet wide, and five feet tall. A standard golf cart is four feet, 8 feet long, and a little over six feet tall. They usually weigh about 1,000 pounds each. Depending on the model, there are different ways to calculate the length and width of your golf cart.

3 feet

If you are looking to purchase a 3 feet long golf cart, the first thing you should know is the dimensions of the truck you will be using to transport the cart. You will want to find a truck that has a bed that is at least three feet wide and four feet long. If you do not have a full-size pickup truck, you can use a standard-size pickup truck and just leave the tailgate down. You will need to get a ramp to load and unload your cart, either a large one or separate ramps for the two tires.

The golf cart’s width is adjustable and can be folded into a compact size. Once unfolded, it can be used indoors or outdoors. A convenient handle adjusts to fit users of different heights. The wheels and axles have a maintenance-free EVA cover. Golf carts with adjustable handles are easy to maneuver. With adjustable handles, you can push and pull the cart with just one hand.

4.5 feet

In order to transport a golf cart, you must first determine the length and width of the truck’s bed. You can do this by measuring the golf cart from its front end to the center of the rear tire. If this measurement is more than the truck’s bed width, you will have to use cargo straps to secure it. If you have a full-size pickup truck, you can also use the tailgate of the truck to increase the length of the truck bed.

Larger golf carts are typically four feet longer than traditional carts. The front wheel of a four-seat golf cart is approximately nine2.5 inches wide. A two-seat golf cart is approximately seven feet tall. A four-seater golf cart has five to seven seats. The length and width of a typical golf cart are comparable to those of a five-foot-tall building.

6 feet

The length, width, and height of a golf cart vary depending on its size. Most golf carts are about six feet long and four feet wide, while a four-seat model is slightly shorter and slightly taller. However, if the cart is longer than the trailer, you will have to buy a special extension for it, or get a different trailer altogether. The length will also depend on the width of your garage.

There are many types of trailers for golf carts, with sizes ranging from five to ten feet. A 5×8-foot trailer will hold most two-seater and four-seater models. Most golf cart trailers have lockable doors and multiple tie-downs to ensure the safety of your golf cart. There are also models with ramps to load your cart easily. Regardless of the size of your cart, you will need to consider the size of the trailer.

10 feet

If you’re planning to transport a golf cart, there are some things you need to know first. Firstly, you need to know how big the truck bed is. The truck bed should be at least 10 feet long, and ideally, a few more feet than the golf cart itself. You should use a tape measure and have a friend hold one end of the tape measure while you measure. Measure from the front end of the golf cart to the center of the rear tire. This will determine how much room you need to fit the cart in the bed of your truck.

In addition to length and width, you’ll need to measure the height of your golf cart. Golf carts with two seats usually have dimensions of four feet by eight feet and six feet by six feet. These dimensions are standard, but the exact measurement may vary. For example, a 4 seat golf cart may be four feet wide, but it might be five feet by eight feet or even more. In addition, a six-seater golf cart can be 6.7 feet in height.

12 feet

Before buying a trailer, determine the dimensions of your truck bed. You can use a tape measure to do this. If you’re unsure about your measurements, ask a friend to hold the end for you while you measure the truck bed. Start by measuring from the front of the cart to the center of the rear tire. You should allow at least 12 feet for a four-seat golf cart.

The average four-seater golf cart is five feet tall, eight feet long, and four feet wide. A six-seat LSV is typically eleven feet long and six feet wide. They can be lifted as high as six feet. The length varies according to model. Some golf carts may have more room than others. Make sure to consider this when choosing a door. Remember to measure the width of the golf cart before purchasing.

16 feet

To move a golf cart from one location to another, you need a truck with a large enough bed. You should be able to fit a standard golf cart on a truck bed of up to 16 feet in length, but a larger one may be difficult. The best option is to rent a trailer. You can find a utility trailer to fit your cart at a local U-Haul or rent a trailer for your own vehicle. The cost will vary depending on your budget and the size of your cart.

For a large golf cart, you can rent a trailer that fits into your truck bed. These trailers typically range in size from 5 feet by eight feet to five feet by ten feet. Most golf carts will fit into an eight-foot truck bed. A toy hauler can also accommodate a golf cart. When choosing a trailer, choose one that has a minimum of four feet of width to fit the cart.

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