what to clean golf clubs with

If you’re not sure what to clean your golf clubs with, here are some options: steel wool, WD-40, Coke, Toothpaste, and Toothpaste. You’ll need to use plenty of clean water to remove all the cleaners, of course. Here are some of the best options:


If you’re worried about rust, you should try applying WD-40 to your golf clubs before storing them. This multi-purpose product is the world’s number one multi-use cleaner. Applying it to the golf club’s face creates an invisible protective barrier, which repels dust, moisture, and rust. It will also prevent the clubs from becoming rusty. After using the product on your golf clubs, you can easily remove the excess by wiping them with a clean microfibre cloth.

Another way to clean your golf clubs is to spray WD-40 on the head of the club. Be sure to wipe it off as quickly as possible. The trick is to spray a little on the head of the club and then wipe it off quickly. Avoid scrubbing or leaving it sit for too long. Dish soap and warm water are also a good solution to remove dust and dirt. However, it is not a recommended method for all golf clubs.

WD-40 can help you remove grip tape on your golf clubs. It can also act as a solvent when putting on a new grip. Although most golfers hate the smell, the results are worth it. WD-40 will also loosen zippers on your golf bag. These often rust and make opening and closing them nearly impossible. This solution has many other uses. It will make your golf clubs shiny and new!

Properly cleaning your golf clubs is critical to playing great golf. Dirty golf clubs will prevent you from making substantial contact with the ball. Since the sport is so difficult, you don’t want anything in the way of your shots! Also, be careful about cleaning solutions. Corrosive cleaners can damage the coating on your golf clubs. You don’t want to ruin your new investment! It’s a good idea to read up on proper golf club care and maintenance.

Steel wool

If you’ve got rust on your golf clubs, you can use steel wool to remove it. It works well on both light surface rust and more persistent, deep-seated rust. Regardless of the grade, it will work to restore the lustre and shine of your clubs. However, it’s important to use only fine steel wool on the rusted areas and avoid scraping them with steel wool. If you’re not sure whether steel wool is appropriate for your clubs, consult the instructions on the label.

You can buy industrial rust remover from a hardware store. Be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle, as it may damage your golf clubs’ finishes. However, you can still use steel wool to clean rusted surfaces with a little bit of patience. The best steel wool to use to clean your golf clubs is ultra-fine and does not cause any damage to the shaft. To remove rust, you can apply some rust remover to the club’s shaft.

To clean the shaft of your golf club, you can purchase a steel wool soap pad. These are extremely useful, because they come with a built-in soap and can be reused several times. And they have incredible scrubbing power! If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to clean your golf clubs, steel wool is your best bet. But if you’re not sure whether it’s right for your clubs, check out the pros and cons of each product and decide for yourself!

If you don’t have access to a steel wool cleaner, you can purchase a soap pad at the hardware store and use it to clean your golf clubs. But make sure to rinse the golf club thoroughly and wipe it dry with a soft cloth. Don’t forget to place it upright so that it can dry thoroughly. To prevent further rust, you can use a mixture of acetone and water. A toothbrush works well on rusty areas.


If you want to make your golf clubs look brand-new, you can use Coca-Cola to clean them. To clean your clubs with Coca-Cola, you need a two-liter bottle and warm water. Fill the bucket about two-thirds full. Then, place your golf clubs, head down, in it. Pour the Coca-Cola into the bottom of the bucket. Let the golf clubs soak for several hours. Rinse them thoroughly afterward to remove any residue that may be present on the clubs.

If you have a rusty golf club, Coca-Cola will dissolve it. However, this is not an effective method as it can damage your golf clubs. Make sure to leave the Coca-Cola solution on the golf club for several hours to get maximum results. Then, simply rinse the clubs off. If you are able to remove the rust, you’re good to go. Then, use a scratch-free scrubber to remove the remaining rust.

When you want to remove rust from your golf clubs, Coca-Cola can help you achieve this. You just need to be patient and pay attention to detail. Place your golf clubs in a bowl and wait overnight. Check them in the morning to see if there’s any softened rust or dirt. If you’ve used Coke to clean golf clubs, you’ll soon see that your club heads look like brand-new. But don’t expect your clubs to be completely rust-free!

If you’re tired of WD-40 and other rust-removing products, you can also try using coke to clean your golf clubs. The sugar-laden liquid in Coke can remove dirt and rust from your golf clubs. Make sure to remove the golf club head before using coke. Then, wipe it off immediately. Be sure to avoid the head, because Coke will leave it sticky. That way, the rust will be removed and your clubs will look brand-new again.


To avoid damaging your golf clubs, use toothpaste to clean them. It can remove scratches on the face of your driver. Choose non-gel toothpaste as it is more abrasive than gel. Let it sit for two to three minutes. Then, wipe off the excess with a clean, dry towel. To avoid scuff marks, you should also avoid using the toothpaste on oiled or polished clubs.

The process of cleaning your golf club includes removing the tartar and plaque buildup that can erode the finish. You can use either toothpaste or a cloth soaked in warm water and soap. Be sure to apply it generously and allow it to dry completely before replacing the clubhead cover. Toothpaste is also good for cleaning your computer keyboard. You can simply wipe the keyboard with toothpaste to remove dirt and grease.

Dishwashing liquid

To clean your golf clubs, you’ll need a bucket and some dishwashing liquid. Warm water is best because hot water can loosen metals, and dishwashing liquid will neutralize any chemicals left behind from the golf course. Soak your golf clubs for around 10 minutes in the mixture, making sure to keep the ferrules dry. Repeat the process as necessary. Then, rinse your golf clubs thoroughly in clean, warm water.

Alternatively, you can use warm water and two teaspoons of dishwashing liquid. Once mixed, dip a soft bristle brush into the solution and scrub the club’s head until it is clean. Repeat this process if necessary, and make sure to dry the golf clubs thoroughly before returning them to the bag. You don’t want to soak them in water or leave them in there for too long, because this could damage the finish of the club’s face.

The best way to clean golf clubs is to use warm water and two teaspoons of dishwashing liquid. A soft bristle brush works well for this, as well as any metal wood. Then, rinse the golf clubs with the garden hose or tap. This should remove any soapy residue that may have remained. After you’ve rinsed them, dry them off with a cloth. It’s best to use a soft foam brush rather than a wire one.

Aside from dishwashing liquid, you can also use WD-40 to clean golf clubs. This will remove dirt and rust, and will also act as a solvent when applying a new grip. However, WD-40 won’t remove the deep-rooted dirt, but will give your clubs a great shine. There are several ways to clean golf clubs. One of them is by soaking your clubs in water and applying it.

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