How to Clear Your Left Side in Golf Swing

how to clear your left side in golf swing

When learning how to clear your left side in the golf swing, you need to remember a few important tips to help you do so properly. Those tips include proper rotation of the hips and a lag. Next, move your arms away from your body to create the proper start position. By following these tips, you will be able to clear your left side easily and consistently. Hopefully, the video below will help you with your golf swing.

Rotation of the hips

When you’re performing a golf swing, rotation of the hips is a crucial component. You want to maintain your weight over the ball and rotate your hips to the left throughout the swing. Also, your shoes should stick into the ground to avoid swinging out of the swing. By following these instructions, you can ensure that your hips will be properly aligned throughout your golf swing. And, if you do this correctly, you will be able to create consistent, powerful swings.

Excessive hip rotation causes your hips to open too wide during your backswing, making them too open at impact. Incorrect hip rotation can also cause inconsistent backswings, flipping of the hands, and inconsistent strikes. Besides causing lower back pain, improper hip rotation also can lead to a variety of swing faults. As a result, it’s important to learn to improve hip rotation as early as possible in the swing.

A good way to watch your swing motion is to practice in front of a mirror or a glass. Stand on a stance without a golf club and start your swing without the club. Your arms should be in front of your right hip. Your left hip should be rotating away from the ball. Then, move your weight over to your left foot and repeat the process. Eventually, you will be hitting the ball straight and on target.

Proper hip rotation is the foundation of good ball striking. Many golfers struggle with internal hip rotation and do not practice it effectively. If you want to improve your swing, try using a corrective exercise program and avoid over-exerting yourself. It’s not easy, but the results will pay off. You can also improve your golf swing by swinging aggressively through impact. When using proper hip rotation, you will be able to generate more speed and distance than you otherwise would.


One of the most important skills a golfer can have is the ability to rotate powerfully at impact and clear their hips for power drives. Many golfers have problems with their left hips and are leaking shots to the right. If you’re experiencing this, you should take action immediately. If your left hip is stuck, move your left foot further back in your address position, and keep your shoulders square with the target line. This simple adjustment will allow your body to rotate more fully.

The next step to clear your left hip is to learn how to make sure your arms are properly bent. In the setup phase, make sure your arms are “under.” When your arms are too wide, they will close. Also, when you use a wide grip, your elbows will be too close to your back. You should work on learning how to make your arms “under” during the setup phase. You should also learn to maintain your wrist bend for the longest possible time.

Proper starting position

A proper hip position is crucial for a successful golf swing. Pros and amateurs differ in the depth of their hips, and the right hip is more advanced than the left. An incorrect hip position makes the downswing harder and is detrimental to a proper golf swing. If you are not sure of how to adjust your hips, watch the video below to learn more. You can also learn how to avoid a painful hip twist by modifying your stance.

Ideally, the lead elbow should point towards the golf ball, with the back of the elbow facing up. This will prevent the club from dropping to the left when you’re over-the-top. The trail elbow, on the other hand, should tuck up towards the rib cage. The left side of the body should stay centered in the swing plane, whereas the right shoulder should remain positioned above the ball and away from the hips.

The right shoulder should be higher than the left shoulder during the backswing. Too much lateral movement will make it difficult to come back to the same position from which you started. Instead of clearing your left side, you’ll have to slide the ball back to the left side, resulting in a flip or a loss of distance. When you’re on the right track, the right shoulder will be higher than the left shoulder, creating a more powerful shot.

While working on clearing your left side, it’s important to remember that the right shoulder is higher than the left. The backswing is important because it generates momentum that propels the club forward. By ensuring that your shoulders are lifted, you can make a solid golf swing. And by utilizing your hips during the backswing, you’ll generate more power. The key is to maintain the right hip alignment at the right time and keep the left shoulder lower.

Moving arms away from the side of the body

A correct golf swing starts with a circular movement of the body. The left hand makes a push back movement, allowing the arms to swing down the shoulder line. This allows the upper body to coil up and against the stable lower body. This helps clear your left side in golf swing. It is common for golf instruction to focus on particular positions. But it is equally important to know how to clear your left side in the correct manner.

Another way to clear your left side is to move your arms away from the side of your body during the backswing. This can be accomplished by keeping your head behind the golf ball. Tiger Woods, for instance, keeps his head behind the golf ball at impact. For some golfers, this can be challenging. If this is you, invest in exercises and stretching to improve your range of motion.

After the setup phase, move your arms away from the side of your body and towards the target. This will free up space for the arms and the clubhead to accelerate. As the arms are free of the left side, finish your swing in this position with your weight on the heel of your left foot. Your right foot is pointing behind you. The left foot is your target foot.

During the set-up stage, the right arm should be firm and maintain pressure on the upper left arm. This will help the club head drop on the correct downswing plane. This will also help you reinforce the connection between the arms and the body during the critical period of the swing. The impact position of your golf swing is different from your set-up position. Your left arm controls the delivery of the club head to the back of the ball. Your left wrist is firm, allowing the club head to strike the ball with the back of the ball.

Using the Swing Arc

The path of the driver through impact is crucial to the trajectory of the golf ball. By using the Swing Arc, golfers can learn how to consistently bring their club to the correct impact position. Swinging with hip movement makes it difficult to maintain consistent impact position. To improve the arc, the first step is to create guideposts about the clubhead inside the target line. Then, hit drives at those targets using the neutral swing arc.

One of the most common problems experienced by amateurs and recreational players is premature release of lag. This causes the left arm to match the shaft before the ball, resulting in fat shots. The golfer compensates for this early release by moving the ball further behind in the stance. Lateral motion supporters believe this lateral shift leads to better low point control. So, when aiming for a low-percentage shot, use the Swing Arc to clear your left side in your golf swing.

To clear your left side in the golf swing, you must rotate your hips towards the target. When you do this, your hips will clear out and your left side will fall. The hips are an important part of the golf swing, so you must make sure they are synchronized with the rest of your body. The lower body will be able to flow better through the shot if your hips are aligned properly.

Taking the Swing Arc as an inspiration for your golf swing can lead to a much smoother swing. In addition to the Swing Arc, the Broom Swing uses two planes. Both planes activate specific body parts, while the one-plane swing involves using incorporated motion. The two planes of the golf swing also give golfers more control over the club. However, most amateurs tend to get stuck at the top of the downswing, resulting in a shot that gains more ground than the ball at impact.

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