Tips For Traveling With Golf Clubs

how to travel with golf clubs

Here are a few tips for traveling with golf clubs. Keep in mind that golf clubs are considered “hand luggage.” Consequently, you’ll want to pack them carefully and protect them from damage during travel. The following suggestions should help you avoid overweight baggage fees and switch flights. Invest in some bubble wrap or packing paper to protect your golf clubs. And make sure to pack them separately from other items, including other types of luggage.

Avoiding overweight baggage fees

Traveling with golf clubs can be a pain, and you’ll probably want to avoid paying oversize baggage fees by shipping them via a cargo ship. Airlines are raising baggage fees, and golf clubs are among the most expensive items to leave behind on an airline. If you’re unsure of which carrier to use, you can check out Ship Sticks’ reviews and compare rates to save money on your next flight.

Most airlines do not charge an oversize baggage fee for golf clubs, but it’s still worth taking precautions to avoid this. Golf balls can weigh more than a pound, so you should avoid packing 50 in your bag. You’ll also want to take extra measures to protect your driver and other larger clubs from damage. You’ll probably also want to use a hard-shell case and ID tags to protect your clubs.

If you’re traveling for a golf trip, consider renting a golf bag or shipping your clubs. These solutions will keep your golf clubs safe while you’re in transit, and they will allow you to play your favorite sport without the hassle of hauling heavy bags through airports. Remember, these solutions don’t work for all airlines, but they are a good start. In the long run, you’ll be much happier with your golf trip.

Avoiding switching flights

When traveling with golf clubs, the first thing you need to do is make sure you book a non-stop flight. Avoid switching planes because changing planes can damage your gear. Replacing damaged equipment can be expensive, so try to avoid switching planes if you can. Packing a golf bag is not too difficult if you pack your essential golfing gear and your golf shoes. If you’re traveling on business or a budget, don’t forget to pack some of your more expensive golfing gadgets. If the airline allows, you can also carry on these devices.

Another way to avoid switching flights when traveling with golf clubs is to ship your clubs. This can help you save money, but you must take care of the cost before shipping your clubs. If you can’t afford shipping the clubs, you should consider renting a set from the hotel you’re staying at. It’s also a good idea to purchase a hard-shell golf club case for the trip. Whether you’re flying with your clubs or renting a set, it’s important to take a look at airline policies. It’s better to book a direct flight if you can.

If possible, don’t check your luggage before you leave for your flight. Check your airline’s website for policies regarding golf gear. Some airlines classify golf equipment as standard checked luggage, but others will charge a fee for excess weight or oversize baggage. Checking the airline’s website is always a good idea, especially if you’re flying within the country. A few airlines have special provisions for travelers with golf clubs, but it’s always best to check your airline’s policy before leaving for your destination.

Protecting the shafts of golf clubs

There are several ways to protect the shafts of golf clubs when traveling. To protect your clubs while traveling, make sure to use proper storage techniques. Whenever possible, place your clubs topsy-turvy with the most vulnerable parts touching the bottom of the bag. Don’t pack your clubs with their heads. This will minimize the chances of them breaking. Also, attach a carry ID tag to your clubs, preferably with your name, phone number, and email address.

While most golfers do not consider the use of a travel bag, soft shell golf bags provide the best protection. You can purchase a travel bag with support arms, which sit inside the bag like the golf clubs. The arms are longer than the clubs, which protects the shafts from crushing. While it may cost you a few extra dollars, they will save you a lot of heartache later. You can also use extra clothing or golf towels to secure the space in your bag. When choosing a golf bag, test it out first to make sure it doesn’t have too much wiggle room.

Another option is to use a travel bag with golf club head covers. These can extend part way up the shaft. You can also use a golf towel woven between the club shafts. It will prevent the shafts from getting ripped or broken. Golf club head covers are not enough protection and can end up damaging expensive graphite clubs. To protect your golf clubs while traveling, make sure you pack them tightly and preferably in a case with multiple compartments.

Packing paper or bubble wrap

When packing your golf clubs for travel, you should use a combination of bubble wrap and packing paper. Bubble wrap is a good first layer of protection, while packing paper provides a second layer of protection against cracks, chips, and scratches. When used together, bubble wrap and packing paper will protect your golf clubs from any potential damage and are equally effective at protecting your valuables. Bubble wrap, however, can leave scratches on some glass objects.

If you’re shipping your golf clubs, be sure to use a polythene bag instead of bubble wrap. While bubble wrap can protect fragile items, this type of material won’t do enough protection to keep your clubs safe during transit. A polythene bag will give your golf clubs extra protection and keep their shape from shifting while in transit. You should also use packaging tape to secure the box, which provides additional protection.

When you’re packing golf clubs, be sure to wrap them in bubble wrap to protect them during transit. This will prevent any potential damage to the club during the travel process. If you’re shipping your golf clubs with a soft case, you can use brown packing paper instead. Once again, seal the package with packing tape. While bubble wrap is an excellent choice for protecting your golf clubs, you may want to use a combination of both.

Taping the longest iron to the driver

When traveling with golf clubs, tape the longest iron to the driver to protect the head. In a carry-on bag, put both sets in one bag. If you don’t have a golf bag, put a towel or other soft clothing between the clubs to provide extra protection. Another way to reduce the size of your carry-on bag is to use a golf bag. A golf bag is much smaller than a standard suitcase, so it can be packed with more items inside.

Putting lead tape on the driver is another way to protect your driver from a slice. Place it on the clubhead’s heel. The tape will give the club more weight and help it square up at impact. The tape is typically one to two inches thick, and will add four grams to the clubhead. Summer House lead tape has a density of two grams per inch. Unique Sports lead tape has a lower density but is more flexible.

Avoiding mishandled transfers

The best way to avoid mishandled transfers when traveling with golf clubs is to book direct flights to your destination. If this is not an option, consider renting a set of golf clubs at your destination. If that is not possible, consider using ID tagging and purchasing a hard-shell case. If you cannot afford to purchase new clubs, try shipping them instead. But this may cost you more money than you think.

While most airlines treat golf clubs as regular luggage, they are prone to being lost or mishandled. The loss or mishandling of golf clubs is very frustrating, especially if you are traveling with a bag full of expensive equipment. Fortunately, many airlines will replace the clubs if lost. But if the clubs are lost or mishandled, you will have to deal with paperwork and a lengthy hold time.

Using a golf club shipper

If you’re travelling with your golf clubs and need to check them, using a shipping company is an excellent option. In general, shipping is cheaper than checking, but depending on your destination and how much you’ll be spending on the bag, shipping can be even more expensive. Ship Sticks is a golf club shipper that makes the entire process easy. If you’re unsure about using a shipping service, check out the reviews.

Before shipping your golf clubs, you’ll need to decide how much they weigh. Some companies charge extra for overnight shipping, while others don’t. You’ll want to choose a shipper that offers the best price and service for your situation. A good option for a single box of golf clubs is UPS. If you’re moving a few golf clubs, the shipping service will pick them up from any location, so it’s important to know exactly how much they weigh.

Shipping your golf clubs is a convenient option, and most shipping companies offer tracking options. Some even offer the ability to pick up your clubs right from the hotel or country club. Ship Sticks also guarantees on-time delivery. If you’re flying for work, be sure to contact your hotel ahead of time to let them know you’ll be using a shipping company. This way, you won’t have to worry about your clubs getting lost or damaged along the way.

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